5 Amazing Produce Display Tricks That Will Impress Customers and Increase Sales

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Smart produce displays have a beneficial influence on sales. When was the last time you looked at your produce department with a fresh perspective? The best produce displays will cause a busy customer to take a minute and pause while shopping. This quick pause to look at fresh produce is frequently followed by the customer adding additional fresh goods to their cart. Customers want to put nutritious foods on their tables at home, and you want them to buy fruits and veggies from your store.

People purchase produce items like veggies and fruits with their eyes, which means that presentation does matter. Every shelf, rack, or Euro table in your store can boost sales. Use the power of presentation to your advantage with the supermarket produce display ideas mentioned below.

1. Stock Seasonal Vegetables And Fruits

Allow the seasonal change to inspire you when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetable displays. While most food is accessible year-round, some products are seasonal. Show off fresh berries and eye-catching pineapples to welcome summer. Display potatoes alongside carrots, celery, and onions to inspire hearty winter soups and stews.

2. 24/7 Fresh Goods

Inspect fruit and vegetable displays at least twice a day. Trim off withered foliage, remove damaged produce to ensure everything looks as clean as possible. Clean the floors on a routine basis, particularly after restocking.

Customers who are in a hurry may accidentally harm fragile products, so pay extra attention during peak hours. Employees should be instructed to keep a careful check on displays and promptly fill any empty areas.

3. Grab Attention With Color

When displaying fresh produce on a Euro Table, always use a range of colorful fruits and veggies to split up monotonous stretches of green. As a starting point, consider cherry tomatoes, then arrange green, orange and red peppers in lines or in large, vivid circles. Serve fresh green brussel sprouts alongside velvety cauliflower or golden summery squash to make a statement.

4. Produce Displays Should Always Be Ready

Keep fresh produce at eye level and within range of customers. Provide produce boxes that are simple to open and fill to make the in-store experience as smooth as possible. Promote repeat business with consistent display layouts that make it easy for clients to find their favorite products on their shopping lists.

5. Display with Enticing Fixtures

The Euro Table has earned a spot in the produce area as an essential component. They're sturdy and store a lot of produce and having a range of produce display fixtures provides visual appeal and draws people into the department. To display fruit or veggies, place small tables in the center of the aisle. This space has an organic vibe, all thanks to stacked wicker baskets and rustic wooden display carts.

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