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SW00107-771 S/5

SW00107-771 S/5

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Item Description:

Wicker Baskets Set of 5

Dimensions: 48cm X 32cm X 30cm

This set of wicker baskets promises to enchant customers with its timeless charm. These trendy and functional baskets allow for endless arrangements. Beautifully constructed and durably built, this trendy basket is capable of holding various objects such as bakery items, produce, or packaged goods. The classic wicker basket never goes out of style because of its rustic yet elegant look. Great Deal!

  • Wicker baskets are great for displaying and transporting goods
  • Baskets make attractive accents for countertops and cases
  • Perfect for breads, pastries, sandwiches, etc.
  • Many sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs

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