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ORCHARD BIN - Produce Display Bin-VEG-OBL IC P BK

Orchard Bin - VEG-OBL IC P BK

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Item Description:

Orchard Bin / Produce Display Bin

Traditional Pine Orchard Bins are perfect for mass merchandising. A heavy duty liner is included for maximum strength. Standard liner color is black. Bins feature a footed bottom making them easy to maneuver. Frame & casters available at additional cost

  • A great way to display fresh juices and cut fruit
  • Orchard Bins are built with heavy-duty oak wood for increased durability
  • 6" deep liner and built-in drain system
  • Recessed casters for mobility
  • Includes a drain system with storage tank, hose and attached cut-off valve for draining and a small door for drain hose accessories

Sizes Available:

  • 3' X 3' Ice orchard bin with 6" liner and drain pan
  • 42 1/2" X 48" Ice orchard bin with 6" liner and drain pan

Product tag(s): Orchard Bins, All Orchard Bins, Traditional Pine

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