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Orchard Bin - OB-364248 O SB

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Item Description:

Orchard Bin / Produce Display Bin

Add versatility to your produce displays with Marco’s Modular Bin Banana Display table. This table works nicely with our Modular Orchard Bin series. Bruise Buster padding included to protect product.

  • Excellent Merchandiser for Large Quantities of Bananas
  • All Hardwood Construction
  • Banana Display Units are built with heavy-duty oak wood for increased durability
  • Perfect Style and Size Match with Modular Bin Family
  • Included Bruise Buster Banana Pad to Protect Product

Size Available:

  • 36x46x50 Inch inclined banana bin

Product tag(s): Orchard Bins, All Orchard Bins, Modular

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