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Interlocking and Non-Interlocking Wedge-Shaped Meat Case Trays

Interlocking and Non-Interlocking Wedge-Shaped Meat Case Trays

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  • Item Description:

    • Elevates product; front lip and side enclosures collect liquid
    • Cuts labor and reduces shrinkage
    • Ribs allow air circulation around product
    • Molded of heavy-duty ABS plastic and will not rust or corrode
    • Locking or non-interlocking styles available
    • Standard color is black

    Sizes Available:

    • 14x48 Interlocking wedge tray
    • 15x48 Interlocking wedge tray
    • 16x48 Interlocking wedge tray
    • 18x48 Interlocking wedge tray
    • 20x48 Interlocking wedge tray
    • 31x48 Interlocking wedge tray
    • 12x48 Non-Interlocking wedge tray
    • 14x48 Non-Interlocking wedge tray
    • 16x48 Non-Interlocking wedge tray
    • 18x48 Non-Interlocking wedge tray
    • 20x48 Non-Interlocking wedge tray
    • 31x48 Non-Interlocking wedge tray

    Product tag(s): Dairy Meat & Seafood, All Dairy Meat & Seafood, Meat Trays

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