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The Marco Company

Executive Team

Dan Cooper

President "The Go-To"
Karate black belt, Boy Scouts leader and

uses the fast lane.

Doug Pentecost

 Vice President "The Buck Stops Here"

Story teller, penny pincher and only eats

the red and blue Skittles.

Jon Stewart

 Chief Financial Officer "The Bottom Line"

Runs the numbers, plays tennis and

buys organic.

Bob Durden

Chief Information Officer "AKA Chief Nerd"

Loves java, white board planning and

morale boosting.

Rich Daugherty

VP of Operations "The Day to Day"

Sports a leather jacket, high speed and

to the point.

Ken Honaker

VP of Sales & Marketing "The Smooth Talker"

Veteran, winning personality and firmly believes reservations are overrated.

Damon King

Director of HR "The Principle"

By the book, bi-lingual and by-golly really tall.

For over 30 years the Marco Company has provided the grocery industry with innovative and cost-effective merchandising products and is still family-owned and operated today. Marco now has over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space with offices and manufacturing locations in Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Brazil, China, and Germany.

In recent years, Marco has forged new areas of growth by responding to both client and industry-wide needs. Expanding the product line has allowed the company to deliver solutions to major general merchandise retailers as well. Marco has increasingly become known as the one-stop shop for displays, millwork, installation and case refurbishment. In recent years, the company has also expanded its product offering to include cart corrals, asset protection, shelving solutions, and refrigerated glass door solutions that satisfy the sales floor, back room and exterior needs of virtually every retailer.

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